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The first wage reduction happens at 29 years.
Until the season 43 this reduction was 1/8, 1/9 in the season 44 and 1/10 from season 45.
Until the season 43 the last reduction took place at 35 years, 36 years in the season 44 and 37 years from season 45.
The editorial to which we refer is Coming next season [4268] October 5, 2010.
This editorial is not quite clear in explaining the system, in order to simplify the tool, we currently calculate a fixed reduction equal to 1/9 or a 1/10 for the dates of the season 45.
The reduction in present, past (ie, the previous reductions than those calculated for the current season) and future (ie, the one calculated after reductions for the current season) are constant and equal to the one set for the current season.
Please note that. by doing so, the data could be quite different for future reductions.


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