Hattrick Organizer 1.426


E’ finalmente uscita la versione ufficiale di hattrick organizer (1.425)
Non è una versione beta, è quella definitiva.

Link al progetto


Link diretti

Windows Installer : HO_1426_r727_Win32_Installer.exe
Platform indipendent : HO_1426_r727.zip
Apple Mac package : HO_1426_r727.dmg.gz
Debian/Ubuntu Linux package : HO_1426_r727.deb
SuSE/RedHat Linux package : HO_1426_r727.rpm


Hattrick Organizer 1.425 contains many enhancements, bugfixes, plugin updates, additional language support – please have a look at the changelist.
Please visit the official HO! forum at http://forum.hattrickorganizer.net for more information or if you have any questions!
Changelist HO! 1.425
– fixed problem of missing match highlights / reports when downloading games with the team analyzer
– fixed problem starting match simulation when own tactic strength is higher than divine
– fixed problems in the transferscout player parser when using IE and the bar style
– added new tactic: Long shots
– updated rating prediction
– updated tactic level prediction
– fixed several problems with HT suddenly adding players without RoleID to XML data
– handle long shot events in match highlights
– show correct tactic strength after loading an stored lineup
– Added a new config option for the default state of the “download matches/schedule” checkboxes on the download dialog
– added a database cleanup tool that removes old matches / HRFs
– use new/changed official CHPP ID
– Fix bug in stadium statistics (>100% usage)
– Using team experience formula by kopsterkespits as default now
– team captain’s value in lineup now shows the predicted team experience using this player as captain
– improve support for non latin characters
– MacOS: HO now uses a modern JavaApplicationStub (no need for Rosetta anymore) and the Aqua toolbars (thx to DerKanzler)

Plugin Updates:
– SpecialEvents 1.221 (added weather SEs, counters, set pieces…)
– Feedback 0.44 (included in HO 1.425)
– TeamAnalyzer 2.70 (included in HO 1.425, using new formula for rating ratios)
– TSforecast 1.0: add cup matches (thx PocoMoreno!)

Special Notes:
We changed the minimum Java version starting with this release to Sun Java 1.5 (aka JRE5).
Please update your Java installation if needed.

Note personali:

Molto utile la funzione di “pulizia database” permette di eliminare salvataggi ridondanti e alleggerire il database rendendo piu veloce il caricamento

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